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It's a musical, it should be LIVE!

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-Hit shuffle and pick the first fifteen songs on your playlist.
-Write down your favourite line of the song.
-Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.
-When someone guesses correctly, bold the line.

01 - "When the night is overcome, you may rise to find the sun."
02 - "The summers die one by one, how soon they fly on and on."
03 - "How dare you? You evil woman, how dare you?"
04 - "I want to find something I've wanted all along."
05 - "Taken by the tide again."
06 - "I cry when angels deserve to die."
07 - "I am reaching but I fall, and the stars are black and cold."
08 - "I told you I'd hold you till the last days on earth."
09 - "I'm tired of living, but scared of dying."
10 - "To days of inspiration, playing hookie, making something out of nothing, the need to express to communicate, to going against the grain, going insane, going mad."
11 - "Time here all but means nothing, just shadows that move across the wall."
12 - "Home is behind, the world ahead."
13 - "You guys have to kiss the rubbery lip thing."
14 - "We stand at the edge of all we know, and all I can do is let you go."
15 - "I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs."

Yea, most of them are pretty easy. Get to the guessing!
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